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The right sex toy can take solo sessions to the next level or add new excitement to foreplay and sex. Personalcrave has 1,000s of high-quality adult toys to choose from, including vibrators, dildos, male masturbators, butt plugs, and more. 100% discreet shipping keeps all your sexy purchases private.

An Overwhelming Blended Orgasm

For the woman wishing to push pleasure to its limit, INA Wave™ rises and falls within you as simultaneous vibrations assure the most powerful blended climax.


Getting Acquainted

Holding INA Wave upside down with its ergonomic handle, you can use the tip of the external or internal arm against your clitoris as a warm up, exploring the different patterns and intensities.

What INA Wave Does Best

You can thrust with INA Wave, or use the WaveMotion feature to let it gently rise and fall within you agaisnt your G-spot with direct pressure.

Even More Ways to Enjoy

INA Wave can be used for anal pleasure as well; the dual arm design functions as a ‘flared’ base for safety; but if also used vaginally then make sure to clean thoroughly or cover with a fresh condom between uses.


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Get Started

Set the mood. Touch, kiss, stroke, laugh, begin to explore each other’s bodies.

Get Closer

Let the sensations begin to engulf you. Let the excitement build slowly, teasingly.

Get There Together

Allow your passion and the sensations to overwhelm you, then enjoy the afterglow.

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