Some sex myths debunked!

Some sex myths debunked!

There are very few things that can go wrong during sex unless you see them that way. Certain research recently reported that 1 in 4 people are unhappy with their sex lives. Numerous factors including unrealistic expectations, lack of skill and naiveté, communication struggles, and lack of confidence are responsible for creating predicaments in sex. Most people aren't aware that there are various opinions and beliefs about sex which people try and incorporate while copulating. For the most part, people aren't sure about their particular expectations and biases. These rigid and unexamined convictions have proven to ruin the sexual experience for many. Here are a few myths that we have debunked for you:


Sexual Fantasy is a Barrier to Intimacy

Many people restrain themselves from having good intercourse because they believe that fantasy must be restricted to masturbation and shouldn't be a part of their partner’s sex. This isn't the case. Whether and when to have that private desire with your partner is invigorating, yet sharing isn't the point of fantasy. Fantasy is to learn what turns you on and explore your potential to display your sexuality. It is usual for women to have trouble reaching orgasm with a partner because they haven't mentally been aroused. She knows how to get an orgasm through masturbation but doesn't feel comfortable to enter the area of fantasy. Simply confidence and self-knowledge along with communication of fantasy can bring two people closer.


The goal of sex is penetration

Men consistently have the burden of performing well; hence they tend to focus more on the destination than the journey. Thus, for them, penetration becomes the center of sex, while for women, manual and oral sexual activity is more gratifying. If penetration is seen as the goal of sex and foreplay is just something to be done rather than doing it for pleasure, many find their sex lives to be monotonous and disinteresting.


More sex is better sex

Quantity versus quality of sex is varied at different times. It is nonsensical to expect that every time you have sex, it is going to be great. Understanding yours and your partner’s needs require efforts and time. The key to good sex is variety. Don’t stick to the predictable routine. There is already a lot of misinformation about sex, establishing certain norms which you may try to replicate. If you are too bent upon the quantity, quality of sex can suffer. Compulsive sexual behavior will not only affect the quality of your sex but also has the potential to ruin your relationship with your partner.


I am not a very sexual person

Many people are concerned about their loss of sexual desire, and this is one issue which has no single cause. When you are persistently feeling unwanted, unloved, and unworthy of being attractive, receiving good sex, you may manage yourself in believing that you aren't very sexual. This couldn’t be more wrong. Everyone has sexual energy and are capable of expressing themselves to have a successful sex life. Your negative thoughts let you feel disconnected towards your partner and yourself which then consequently leads to loss of sexual desire. You need to change the way you think; recognizing inner self-talk might help you with reconnecting yourself to your sexuality and bring about some change in your sex life.


These are some of the most common myths which are needed to be debunked. Whenever you are caught up in between these myths, know that you can change the way you think and learn self-acceptance.