About Us

"People are always going to go shopping. A lot of our efforts is just: How do we make the experience a Great one and that remains our Personal Craving Promise."

PersonalCrave strives to make shopping for intimate products,erotic adult toys a fun and informative, and private experience.We believe people should experience all elements of sexuality (from flirting, to setting the mood with your partner, SHOPPING FOR SEX TOYS or LINGERIE!, teasing, foreplay, building excitement, learning about each other, trying new things, having a routine, breaking a routine, keeping the fire going, and detoxing after a wild weekend….) Is all supposed to be FUN!

We are user friendly website,because we believe that intimate products shopping should be easy as well as informative and fun process,
we mix shopping and learning by providing useful and interesting information throughout our site. Our in-house team of software engineers, UI experts, and web designers constantly work on adding new convenient functions that make shopping easy and secure.

Our sophisticated online store caters to women,men and couples of all preferences and lifestyles.At PersonalCrave you can learn about everything from Timid beginners to Sexually adventurous hedonists

We write our own descriptions to give you as much detail about our products as possible. If you need more information than you find on our pages, our customer care executive via email and telephone excels.