Importance of lubricants during sex

Importance of lubricants during sex

There are numerous factors including feeling tired, pain, discomfort, lack of arousal, or it doesn’t feel very pleasurable, why people avoid having sex. From buying expensive all-dancing, all sex toys to swinging from the ceiling while dressed as Superman, people experiment a lot for improving their sex lives. But, many people with experience believe in one thing which helps them have better sex – lubricant. They are one simple, not an expensive addition to your sex life.

Sexual lubricants are beneficial to both women and men, irrespective of their age. Some of their benefits include:

1) Address Vaginal Dryness
One of the irritating side effects of aging and menopause is vaginal dryness. A good lubricant is the best way to treat vaginal dryness. However, many women over fifty don’t give the needed attention to their genitals. We understand that women are always careful about what they expose them to. But over the age, your vagina becomes dry and requires proper lubrication for making sex more comfortable. With age, experimenting with new sexual positions can diminish, but you can sure have enhanced sexual pleasure. As our bodies age, they lose natural vaginal lubrication, and the skin down there becomes less elastic. Because of the hormonal changes, the vaginal tissues become thinner and less supple. Lubricants help to moisturize the skin and make body parts glide smoothly, thereby helping you have better coitus.

2) Anal Sex
The more lube, the better anal sex you can have. Since the rectum and anus aren’t self-lubricating, these areas need a little extra help to have better anal sex. A good lubricant provides that extra cushion for delivering the prolonged wetness and extra slickness required to make the anal stimulation feel extraordinary. From hybrid to silicone, water or oil-based lubricants, there are several choices for you to choose from. If it is your first time, it is recommended to buy silicone lube because it helps minimize heat and friction, is hypoallergenic and has a higher viscosity.

Types of Lubricants
Lubes are available in a variety of basis including water, oil, silicone, and hybrid.

1.Water-based – These fall into the versatile category of lubricants. Water-based lubes can be used in almost every sexual activity you can think of. Besides, they are also safe to use with both latex and non-latex condoms. For vaginal sex, you will find a variety of water-based lubes that balance the pH of the vagina. It will not stain your sheet, washes off easily in water and is easy on your skin.

What are water based lubricants

2.Silicone-based – These are like silk sheets on your sensitive parts. Being hypoallergenic, these lubes last longer and make your sexual intercourse more pleasurable.

What are silicone based lubricants

3. Oil-based- Oil-based lubricants are mainly of two types: natural (think coconut oil or butter) and synthetic (think mineral oil or Vaseline). Generally, oil-based lubricants are safe to use, inexpensive, and easily accessible. But, if you can opt for a water-based lubricant first it is recommended as oils can also irritate your skin and stain fabric.

What are oil based lubricants

Sex should be enjoyable and fun. All of us have different interests and preferences when it comes to sex. Lubrication not only lessens the pain while having intercourse but also prevents damage to your genital areas. Check out and browse through our range of good sex lubricants for adding spice to your sex life.