Leluv Maxi And Protected Gauge Black Penis Pump For Men Bundle With Soft Silicone Donut Seal Soft Black Tpr Seal And 4 Sizes Of Constriction Rings 9 Inch Length X 2.125 Inch Diameter Cylinder


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Bundle of 4 items: Maxi Black Mens Vacuum Penis Pump Soft Silicone Donut Seal Soft Black TPR Seal & 4 Sizes of Constriction Rings. The Maxi brass penis pump creates an immediate powerful suction while the ergonomically designed nylon housing is lightweight and easily used one-handed. Its safety purge valve is easy to operate with a simple turn. We include 18 inches of kink-resistant hose and our specially-designed Quick-Disconnect Fittings to offer trouble-free pumping sessions. You can even disconnect the hose from the cylinder and it will maintain vacuum! Specially designed to be used with or without any sleeve.
For beginners it is important to start the pumping process slowly to avoid discomfort. Remember to use the quick release valve if the pressure becomes too severe. Continue pumping/releasing air until youve found a suitable level of pressure. The penis should look swollen but should not hurt. Keep an appropriate amount of pressure on your penis and wait 20 minutes. Once the session is complete your penis should appear thicker / longer and have heightened sensitivity.
  • Bundle of 4 items: Maxi Black Vacuum Pump Soft Silicone Donut Seal Soft Black TPR Seals & 4 Sizes of Constriction Ring
  • Vacuum range: 0-30 Hg 0-760 mmHg with Quick Release valve for safety
  • Solid brass vacuum cylinder and head with high quality ergonomic vibrant Black nylon body
  • Premium grade acrylic cylinder with 3mm thick walls. It is durable and can be used with or without donuts or sleeves
  • Quick Release Fitting on the cylinder allow pressure to be maintained without the pump needing to remain attached
  • Warning Warning - California Proposition 65

    This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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