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Six Toys for Wom?n Vib?rat? Pl?as?r? G Spot Clot Flap with M?ltipl? Mod?s Vib?ration S?xy Toys for Co?pl? Q?i?t and Wat?r Proof Vibrant Massag?r

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Skin-fri?ndly Silic?n? - It was mad? ?f skin-fri?ndly, sm??th and saf? ABS silic?n? mat?rial, n? bad sm?ll, and ?asy cl?aning can b? r?us?d.Multipl? M?d?s - 7 fr?qu?ncy vibrati?n p?w?rful m?t?r cr?at? diff?r?nt f??lings, y?u can ?nj?y all kinds ?f stimulati?n and find y?ur fav?rit? ?n?.USB R?charg?abl? - USB charging saf? and c?nv?ni?nt. m?r? c?nv?ni?nt f?r y?u t? us? wh?n y?u g? ?utsid? ?r trav?l.Wat?rpr??f Functi?n - Th? gr?at wat?rpr??f p?rf?rmanc? mak?s it availabl? in th? bathtub during th? bath and als? mak?s it ?asy t? cl?an.Whisp?r Qui?t - qui?t d?sign, m?r? c?nv?ni?nt t? us?.

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