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S?x Swiv?l Swíng for Door Adult Couple with Frame and Stand 360 Degree Spinning Ceiling S?x Str?pps Six Swíng Set b?dm B?nd?geromance Adult Tools

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Still looking for ways to spice up your adult life and this is an awesome place to start. Wanna have an unbelievable night? with this and you can?t wait to try it out some more! You love where it positions her for you to tease and play with and she looks so damn sexy when she is strung up like that! Pro: - Safe and secure. Extremely sturdy and comfortable. - The padding on it is soft and definitely makes it much more comfy than most product. - Traveling around with u for a bit. Every part of it kinda makes feelings of comfortable liberty. - This does not restrict you in one direction and you can also make right forward and backward movements with it. - All are adjustable for the correct length/ height/ and comfort. - The bottom has a wider more cushioned strap for your comfort. - Super easy to clean and hang to dry. Features: ? Color: Black. ?Material: Nylon. ? Load-bearing capacity: 600lbs. Package Content:1* Swing Set: steel triangle frame, swing belts, spring and ceiling anchors 1 X Installation Manual.

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