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PerfectFit Fat Boy Original Ultra Fat Girth Extender Penis Sheath Enhancer,7

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Your sex life may be satisfying, but why stop there? Take it to the next level for yourself and your partner with the Fat Boy Original Ultra Fat girth extender. Adding about 2 to 3 to your circumference, it will stretch your partner to the limits of ecstacy. Internal ribs and nubs provide amazing stimulation for the wearer, with or without a partner. The ultra-soft realistic texture adds to the pleasure, giving this girth extender a wider range of use as a stroker. Some ladies have even found it useful for personal masturbation by fitting it over their hand.

All Fat Boys are made with SilaSkin(TM), a material especially created for Perfect Fit Brand. It's both soft and strong. The softer texture is as close to real skin as we could get it. The strength means it holds up well to stretching and compression, making it ideal for multi-function use. You can comfortably slide it on and it will return to its original snug circumference. Anchoring with the scrotum loop is just as easy, with minimal worries that you will rip it.

To choose the best length, choose the sized Fat Boy that is closest to the length of your penis + 1. If you're not certain, we recommend going with the longer length rather than the smaller. Choosing a longer length longer will give extra play and provide more stimulation for you and your partner. A shorter length will be tighter, which can give you more control. Some wearers find a tight fit easier to use, especially when less experienced with an extender.

After use, cleanse with a mild soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

SilaSkin(TM) is a TPR/Silicone hybrid material. It is compliant with European EN71-3 toy safety standards and is Phthalate-free and latex free. Works best with water-based lubricants. Do not use latex-based condoms with latex-free products.

Fat Boy girth extenders are not intended for use as packers. Check out our line of Fun Boy hollow packers, designed both for fun and everyday wear.

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