Perfectfit Brand Bull Bag Snug, Stretches 3 Times Its Size, Black


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Your sex life may be satisfying, but why stop there? Give yourself that extra stretch and swing that puts you over the top with Perfect Fit Bull Bags. Made of ultra-stretchy, durable SilaSkin, it? not only safe, but comfortable to use. These popular scrotum combination toys can stretch to 3 times its diameter, then snap right back when you?e done.

No adjustable clamps to get caught in like in a standard testicle ring. The Bull Bag is a combination, two-in-one toy, combining a scrotum weight and a ball extender ring. Not only does the compression make your balls much more sensitive, but it pulls down the skin on the underside of your penis and increases the sensation there. This sexy look and feel can be enjoyed by men, women and partners of any position.

All Perfect Fit ball extenders are made with SilaSkin, a silicone based material especially created for Perfect Fit Brand. It? both soft and strong. The velvety texture is as close to real skin as it can get. The strength means it holds up well to stretching and compression, making it ideal for rough sex. You can comfortably pull it on and it will return to its original snug circumference.

SilaSilk is a silicon/TPR hybrid material. It is compliant with European EN71-3 toy safety standards and is Phthalate-free and latex free. Works best with water-based lubricants. Do not use latex-based condoms with latex-free products.

Not recommended for regular all-day wear, either for pleasure or permanent scrotum lengthening. Take care of your testicles and take regular breaks between use. To clean after use, cleanse with a mild soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Set aside to dry before using this ballbag again. Don't use if this product becomes painfully uncomfortable.
  • Stimulate your scrotum safely and comfortably with Perfect Fit Brand's Bull Bag Snug. This two-in-one toy is great for helping you get off. The Bull Bag product stretches your balls with the opening donut ring and added weight, increasing the sensitivity and pleasure in and around your testicles. Look no further for your next step in this special kind of play!
  • All Perfect Fit ball stretchers are made with SilaSkin, a proprietary silicone/TPR material that is latex-free and has a velvety, realistic texture as close to real as it can get. If you need assistance removing or putting on the bag, use a and due to the material content, use a water based lubricant, as those are the most friendly to the SilaSkin blend. SilaSkin products should not be used with latex condoms or latex products of any kind.
  • Perfect Fit's Bull Bag Snug can stretch up to 3 times its size, wide enough to accommodate most scrotums, and then return to its original shape. While you're wearing the Bull Bag, it compresses and pulls just enough for your enjoyment without risking cutting off circulation or causing damage when worn for those short heavenly spurts of your you-time. No need to compromise between pleasure and pain when you choose from Perfect Fit!
  • This ball extender can be used with a multitude of other non-latex products, as long as those products don't have a scrotum anchor built in. If you're looking for even more pleasure with your Bull Bag, check out the Perfect Fit storefront! Increase your experience with Fat Boy extenders, sleeves, cock rings, and other great sex toys for whatever your kink kit needs!
  • Even though this ball stretcher is made from ultra-stretchy, durable SilaSkin and has more give than leather or steel, it is not recommended for regular wear for long stretches of time, as this may cause permanent damage. Wash in warm water with a mild soap, and allow to air dry between uses.
  • Warning Warning - California Proposition 65

    This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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