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Massage Guns Thrusting Machines 3 XLR Connector Automatic Adult Toys with Speed Adjustable Powerful Push Through Black

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Various accessories: Apart from the pumping massage tool, we also provide different accessories to meet your needs just as the pictures showed, all the attachments are included.
  • Fully automatic: The automatic telescopic gun machine changed the traditional freehand mode, provides complete hands-free fun and flexibility. Then will make you enjoy yourself completely.
  • Strong power: The massage machine gun is equipped with high performance motor. When using it, plug it directly into the home power socket and needn't worry it stopped In the process of use.
  • Adjustable speed and angel: There are two twist knobs located on the frame to adjust the angel and speed for suitable positions. Speed ranges from 0-400 times per minute to ensure various enjoyment and excitement.
  • The machine does not need to be charged. If you want to use it,Plug it directly into a household outlet,and the home power supply provides a powerful power source for the machine. Package includes: The machine and all attachments as the first picture showed?Phone not included?. We also separately sell other attachments and other different type machine, if you need please contact us. We will recommend you more for both male and female use. The machine does not need to be charged, when you want to use it, plug it directly into the home power socket, and the home power supply provides powerful power for the machine. Color:Black Adjustable angle: 0 ~ 85 degrees adjustable, can adapt to the needs of different positions. Adjustable speed?There is a switch to adjust the speed. More power, make you enjoy more enjoyment. Tips for use: 1.Please pay attention to hygiene, wash all accessories before you use them. 2.Lubricant is necessary, it is better to use a condom. 3.Please place the automatic thrusting machine on a smooth surface, which will make the suction cup more table. 4.Please turn off the adjusting knob and unplug the power cable after use.
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