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Bride-to-be party scenes game a photo scavenger hunt. Contents: 101 photo scavenger hunt cards categorized by funny, flirty, intoxicating, adventurous, and challenging scenes plus 25 score cards. How to play: separate the card categories into the 5 decks. Shuffle each deck and place the piles face down. The bride-to-be deals 1 card from each deck to each of the party goers. Party goers will then set out to capture as many photos as possible, scoring points based on the difficulty of the scene. Group photos require the participation of all party goers, if asked to pose, all players must oblige. Once a party goer (or team) has completed each of the initial 5 scenes dealt, she can then draw a card from any of the card decks of her choosing. Play continues, one card at a time, until either the time limit has expired or until all of the photos have been captured. The highest scoring player or team wins. In the event of a tie, the bride-to-be draws a single card from a remaining deck and reads it aloud. The first player to successfully complete the challenge is the winner. While the game itself will provide hours of side-splitting entertainment, the real prize is that the bride-to-be will end with up to 101 hilarious photos of herself and her closest friends celebrating her last night out as a single woman. Memories are great, but photos are much, much better. Bride-to-be party scenes game from little genie.

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