I Never Have... but I Will - Personalcrave

I Never Have... but I Will


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The crass party game with over 600 dares! How to Play: After an I Never Have statement is made, players indicate who of them have never done the action. The first of these players who announces, but I will then acts out the dare and earns the card as a point. Play for points or as a drinking game! You can even offer a prize to the winner, such as candy, wine, a back rub, or a spanking! Included: 100 dare cards and a die.

  • Seduce your lover with 36 creative uses of body chocolate.
  • Indulge in delectable ecstasy with rich milk chocolate specially formulated to be used as body chocolate.
  • Select an adventure card and enjoy creative and stimulating uses as you paint and then enjoy eating chocolate off your lover's body.
  • Kit Includes: 36 Seduction cards, 1 oz. sumptuous body chocolate, a brush, and die.
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