Chlorinated Latex Short Gloves (Wrist Length) Fetish - Black (Black - Washed & Shined Large)


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Chlorinated molded UNISEX Wrist length latex gloves.
Chlorinated so no lube or powder required to put them on.

In the Chlorination process the latex is put through a chemical bath which is basically a mix of chlorine and ammonia.
The process allows chlorine molecules to bond with the outer most layer of latex molecules
and this bonding creates a micro-smoothed finish of the surface.
This micro-smoothing adds several benefits such as a reduction in friction a resistance to staining.

Chlorination makes the latex permanently smooth and soft. Clorination does not stop latex from tearing or make latex shiney.

Most women wear S M or L with M being the most common.
Most men wear M L or XL with Large being the most common.

Made of molded latex/rubber with a thickness of about 0.015 0.40mm
  • Measure BEFORE you Buy! One Pair of Chlorinated Latex UNISEX Gloves
  • We can Wash & Shine these for you and send you one Vivishine Fresh Up pack for touch up. Ready to put on and go out. You MUST choose the "Washed & Shined" option for this service.
  • Size Chart is in Pictures. Please measure twice and as directed.
  • Where to Measure in Pictures. Around knuckles with hand flat.
  • Chlorination does not make latex shiny. Requires Polish to Shine. Item normally shipped unwashed & unshined.
  • Warning Warning - California Proposition 65

    This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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