Babydance Fertility Lubricant Sperm Friendly & Safe Lube For Couples Trying To Get Pregnant -No Parabens Lubricate Without Harming Sperm Or Eggs Includes Six Single-Use Tubes And Applicators


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The First Fertility Lubricant Made Without Parabens! BabyDance Fertility Lubricant is a personal fertility lubricant intended to moisturize lubricate and enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity. Supplementing the body’s own natural lubrication BabyDance helps carry the sperm to the egg by mimicking the quality and consistency of the cervical fluids you produce when you are fertile. BabyDance Fertility Lubricant is compatible with sperm oocytes and embryos and is designed for use by trying to conceive couples. Why Do I Need a Fertility Lubricant? For many couples sexual lubricants enhance the pleasure and comfort of intercourse. This is often especially true for couples who are trying-to-conceive as making love tends to be less romantic and spontaneous and more of a chore to be completed and using a lubricant can make the experience more pleasurable. For everyday intercourse any lubricant will do. But when you are trying to get pregnant it is important to understand that not all lubricants are created equal and you need to be discerning when selecting a lubricant to use when baby dancing. Most everyday lubricants have a low pH and very high salt concentrations and are harmful to sperm. It goes without saying that using one of these everyday lubricants when you are trying to get pregnant is counterproductive - you don’t want your lubricant to make it harder for you to get pregnant! The class of lubricants specifically designated as fertility lubricants undergo specialized testing to ensure that they won’t harm sperm or eggs. Lubricants that are safe to use when trying to conceive should have a pH of about 7 and should mimic the consistency of your cervical secretions which help the sperm to swim through your cervix to meet the egg for conception.
  • First made without parabens fertility lubricant: BabyDance fertility lubricant for women is made without parabens glycerol or silicone. This is helpful because endrocrine disrupters can have implications for reproductive health and pregnancy wellness.
  • Fertility friendly: The BabyDance fertility lube helps foster the ideal alkaline environment for conception. This lubricant mimics the pH salt level and consistency of cervical mucus. Each batch is tested to ensure it is safe for sperm and eggs.
  • Easy to use: The sperm friendly lubricant is in an easy/open close flip-top cap. Keep this lube for women by your nightstand for whenever the mood strikes! Each box includes six single-use tubes with 3 grams of lubricant and six applicators. The tubes are small and easy to pack in your overnight bag.
  • Water based lube: BabyDance prenatal lubricant for women is isotonic water-based and non-irritating. It was specifically designed to enhance the comfort and intimacy for couples trying to conceive. It also contains a raspberry-derived humectant and rose-derived preservative for replenished moisture and a light fresh smell.
  • The go-to brand for trying to conceive couples: Fairhaven Health has been a trusted by men and women looking to support their reproductive health and fertility for over 15 years. Their products are proudly made in the USA in and ISO 13485 and GMP-certified facility.
  • Warning Warning - California Proposition 65

    This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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