Arginine Gel With L Arginine - For Improved Blood Flow And Circulation - For Men And Women - Unscented - 2 Ounces


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Increases blood flow where needed for improved performance. Daily use will help improve overall improvement in circulation. Studies have shown that L-arginine use can help improve low sperm count in men. For women L-arginine can help improve cervical mucus production and improve blood circulation to the uterus supporting a healthy menstrual flow. For increased circulation and warmth in hands and feet: Apply directly to hands and feet and gently rub in. This will help relax blood vessels and allow for more blood flow to extremities.
  • L-arginine supplement may help increase blood flow circulation and sensitivity to areas of application.
  • Stimulates local nitric oxide production for increased blood flow and supports healthy blood pressure.
  • Arginine Gel can be applied directly to your hands and feet to improve circulation.
  • Arginine gel is more readily available for your body to use as compared to capsules and powders because it bypasses the breakdown of the L arginine that occurs in your stomach and digestive tract.
  • Can be used as needed or daily to support increased blood flow circulation and sensitivity. Apply 1/4 teaspoon 20 to 30 minutes before activity. For overall circulation improvement apply 1/4 teaspoon of Arginine Gel 1 to 2 times daily to thin skinned areas of your body like your face neck chest inner arms or palms of the hands.
  • Warning Warning - California Proposition 65

    This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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